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Customer Testimonials

"The fact that my income went from $100 to thousands says it all!"

CPA Convert was the best Investment I have ever made when I got into CPA Marketing!

I remember barely being able to make $100 Online and how CPAC literally saved me from quitting. The fact that my Income went from $100 to thousands says it all!

I Guarantee that CPAC will be one of the best Investments if not THE BEST Investment that anyone will make. Mad Props to Brad for making this amazing Script.

Gabriel Valo,


We say CPA Convert is the best thing since sliced bread, but Hey, I'm biased. But no need to take our word on it - Let's let our CUSTOMERS do the talking.

Here is what Fellow Marketers, just like you have to say about CPAC.
We swear under penalty of perjury, that all following testimonials are UnsolicitedFully Verifiable and REAL. Contact us if you need proof, and we'll gladly send it.

Here's what YOUR VISITORS will feel when visiting your site:


"I would have filled out 10 offers to get the video"

I saw something like this advertised a week or so ago...I think it was this product because it sounds and seems like the same thing. I thought immediately that this was a GREAT GREAT idea but I had not seen it anywhere before and decided to wait. I then got busy and actually forgot about it.

So this past Saturday I was looking for streaming video of the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight on the internet. I came across a site that said if I completed the three forms below I would gain access to the streaming video!

OH MY GOD!! The light went on and I immediately realized how powerful this was because I would have filled out 10 offers to get the video of that fight.

...Sometimes for me to buy something I need to really see it in use and feel or see the power of it. This product makes TOTAL sense.

It is not hard to see how your conversions could skyrocket with something like this. So even though I have not bought it yet (I will) I am a HUGE fan of this script. It had me willing to fill out about any offer I could just to get that video unlocked. GREAT GREAT idea.

And if one of you reading this are the one that put that site up and got me to fill out those three forms....GREAT job. I am happy to have made you some money and I got to see Manny Pacquiao destroy Cotto.

GREAT product.

DevilDogTodd, public forum post
And here's what YOU'LL feel like:

"This One is a Must Have - It Is Powerful"

I highly recommend this script. I have used it myself to make lots of money from CPA offers and this one is a must have.
It is powerful.

Imran Naseem,
via public forum post


"I Was Making Over $100 A Day Its 2nd Day In Use"

Hey Brad,
I purchased over a year ago. I have been using it daily on multiple sites ever since. I just wanted to say thanks for the great support and product! I would recommend this product to anyone! I actually do all the time!

Again thanks for this product! I was making over $100 a day its second day in use.

JM4Marketing, via email and public forum post


"Income Increased Over 300%"

Surely I have to say this is awesome. Previously I was using cpalead gateway only. After getting this script I was using various networks with various websites. The percentage of income generated using this method increased up to 300%.
Really Awesome and Excellent Script!

atheist, via public forum post


"Magnificent!  Look at My Excellent Profits"

Congratulations Brad, you did it again!

This tool is magnificent!  ...easy to install and easy to use!  Look the excellent profits I had since I start using CPA Convert in my sites.

Definitely CPA Convert is a 10/10.

"Mira las Excelentes Ganancias que He Tenido"

Brad Felicidades!  ...otra vez lo hiciste!

CPA Convert es una magnifica herramienta muy fácil de instalar y usar!  Mira las excelentes ganancias que he tenido desde que comencé a utilizarlo en los sitios de mi propiedad.

De verdad lo recomiendo!!!

Arturo AP, by email and public forum post


"One of the best investments I have ever made"

I've used BHCB for almost a year now and I have been making consistent money with it. The best part is....all my sites are on autopilot!

I recommend this script to anyone who wants to make money online and this is one of the best investments I have ever made. In addition to the excellent product, I also get great support. This product is highly recommended!

Chris Tam,


"I Earn Great Money With It"

I use this on my movie portal site, and it works great.I really use this script and earn great money with it.

ADM!N, public forum post
Limited Time Price
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"It Works Like a Charm"

Hi. I've been using CPAC since v1 and this is in no way some "paid review" or anything. It works like a charm. I'm pulling in over $700/week from this method and I spend less than two hours a day manually promoting my site.

team zissou, public forum post

"A $500 Product for a Low Price"

You're) giving them a $500 product for a low price. I'll make sure I put up an in-depth review which will definitely boost your sales revenue.

pieman145, public forum post. And his review was:

Just received the package and looked through ALL the stuff that the OP had to offer.

The first thing I got to say is, he's definitely outdone himself, and I promise you, this is my honest opinion. He's given ALOT of VERY IMPORTANT information for any online affiliate to start producing an income on "autopilot". Of course, nothing in life is autopilot, but the different resources that the OP provides, makes it almost reachable. I personally think that he's provided way too much with this package, because the other resources alone sell on DP for around $200. The main product itself, I absolutely love. If you read my previous posts, I was VERY interested in buying this product, and I'm happy that he provided it to me. Some people have come to believe that the OP is only offering this script, and I assure you, he isn't. What he's actually offering is a whole package which will put you to the right direction so that you can start to earn a substantial income. The script itself may be like CPAlead's, however, CPAlead, like we all know, isn't the only affiliate network, and it certainly isn't the best. This can be used on Hydra, Neverblue, Copeac, anywhere, and like the OP has explicitly mentioned throughout the topic, unlike CPAlead, you can use it on any offer or lead promotion.

10/10 - I'm genuinely impressed by it, he's provided way too much for the price he's selling it at

pieman145, public forum post

"A Steal at this Price"

I bought CPAC and I am happy with the software and its many uses which are only limited to your own imagination...
This system looks super nice. I have snapped it up...A steal at this price!
thrip, public forum post

"The Product is Genius!   Phenomenal!"

The product is genius!
My review: 9.5/10
Everything was top notch and perfect
except the "getting accepted into a CPA network" ebook could have been better in my opinion. There are tons of methods for getting accepted into CPA networks. The video, manual, and script are phenomenal! It's a steal for the low price. This is a recommended buy.
gbmack, public forum post

[Point taken and I fully updated the "getting accepted" eBook after that into today's CPA Network Passport!]

"Works on Autopilot...Highly Recommended"

I will vouch for CPAC. I have been a customer since.....I'm not sure exactly but it has been a long time. It works great for all my gateway sites and it works on autopilot. The best part is that we can't get reported for having crappy content. For anyone who needs a gateway but doesn't wanna use CPA-Lead's crappy surveys, this is highly recommended.

Tamcake, public forum post

"Increased My Conversion Rates from 1.5% to 8%"

Just purchased this recently, already increased my conversion rates on my test site from 1.5% to 8%
Very very pleased. Was easy to setup and seems to be totally bug free.
5/5 stars.
Meganz, public forum post

"Worth Every Penny"

Hey Brad,
I just wanted to give you some support. I purchased CPAC and it does every single thing it claims to do and I appreciate the work your doing to continually improve on its capabilities. I don't purchase too many products, I can tell you that right now, but CPAC jumped at me and I saw its uses and potential immediately... This product is worth every penny, its up to the buyer to use it to it's full potential. It does what it says it does, flawlessly. Thank you for doing something I don't know how to do!
theguru68, public forum post
I could go on all day with this, and also show dozens of thank-you emails that I received - but I guess you got the idea by now:
  • CPAC is extremely powerful, and can help you make tons of money - FAST.
  • Don't take it from me - you saw what other marketers said on CPAC after using it.
  • I will soon establish CPAC as a monthly membership. Last chance to purchase CPAC with Lifetime Membership, at a price that will soon cover only 2months.
  • And with the 30-day bulletproof money back guarantee - the risk is all mine.
  • So... What's your excuse for not starting now?
Limited Time Price
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"Every Time I Refresh My Stats I See New Money"

Using it with star trek now i swear everytime i refresh my stats i see new money. and i stat check all day (bad habit).
towncomp, public forum post

"This is a Great Script"

This is a great script. I'm using it for couple of months and i make at least $30-$40/day with it. I made some twists and now it's working automatically. From time to time I add a new source for traffic but that's it :D
bandeban, public forum post

"Makes Me Money EVERYYYYY DAyyyy"

Legit! makes me money EVERYYYYY DAyyyy.
q3ick, public forum post

"Man I Love this Method"

Man I love this method, Use it every day, I dont make 100 dollars a day yet but at least something everyday.
zhagijs1, public forum post

"The Script is a Must Have for Incentive Offers"

The seller and I have talked many times and I've found him to be very honest and easy to work with. This script is very good and is a must have if you want a way to make bank with incentive offers.
Jeremy Kelsall, public forum post

We swear under penalty of perjury, that all testimonials are UnsolicitedFully Verifiable and REAL. Contact us if you need proof, and we'll gladly send it. (some testimonials refer to previous, less competent versions of CPAC)

Limited Time Price

There are Billions of Dollars in Internet Marketing - Go Get Them!
CPA Convert!


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